Non profits face their stiffest challenges and the answers are no longer found in the past—the donor landscape has changed permanently. The old tools are growing more and more ineffective as donors are buried under the avalanche of information and marketing messages that barrage them every day!  

In nearly two decades of assisting non profits in the arena of planned giving.


“After a quarter of a century in development, I’ve seen it all. The Donor Motivation Program™ is the best planned giving program I’ve seen. I was blown away. We were very successful in our very first year. I’d highly recommend it.”  

Jon T. Trainor,
25-year development experience
Director of Development, Akron Museum

“I brought The Donor Motivation Program™ to the Medical Center based on the experience we had 15 years ago with the United Way – I remember the successes. Your program was top of mind – whenever I think about planned giving, I think about your complete system.”  

William B. McCready
30-year development experience
Director of Development, Alle-Kiski Medical