What Donors Are Saying

What Donors Are Saying About The Donor Motivation Seminar Experience:

Imagine donors at your planned giving presentation signing up for a conversation on planned giving and saying it was one of the finest they’d ever seen. Picture your donors lining up to talk about how planned giving can help them. Since 1994, over 15.000 donors have been delighted, energized and motivated to begin a conversation about planned giving.

Here are just a few of the actual comments from donors:

Best ever. Keeps it simple and understandable. -Bill, Jr.
This has been different from every other seminar I’ve attended. -John
Excellent – the best I’ve attended. -C.T. “Ted”
Excellent. A 10. -Mark
The best presentation on the subject I have heard. -Mina
Presentation was easy to follow and understand. Made me ACT! -Shirley
It was an engine to set me to further action. -David & Nancy
Excellent forum. Moved me to action. -Dick
Your presentation initiated a desire for pursue charity in my planning. -Thomas
Dynamic and inspirational and makes me want to learn more. -Eugene & Pete
Enlightening. -Robert
Great explanation! -Mike
We were pleasantly surprised as to the content, which was very enlightening. -Paul and Millie
Very easy to understand and follow. Very informative. -Rosie
The presentation was very well done. Gave me great clarity. -Robert
Clearly presented; provided useable guidelines. -R.C.
Very informative. -Jeff & Nancy
Very well organized. -Beth
The program motivated me to action. -Neva
It gave me the incentive to start today. Ellen
It gave me more options to consider than I imagined in little more than an hour. -Andy
Informative – well done. -Tom
Thought provoking. -Kathleen
An eye opening experience; concrete examples. -John
Very informative. -Allan & Sandra
Very good presentation – very professional. -Terry
Excellent. -William
Good presentation, relaxing, non-pressure. -Janet
Good visualization aids -Janet
Very informative. -Nicholas
Very professional, well done. -Dennis
Informative incentive to “do” something. -Frank
Excellent. -Anita
Very good. -Frank
Good info. -Kris
Excellent. Full of very good advice. -George
Very clear presentation, great wake up call. -Jack
Very interesting. -Kerry
Created some new thoughts -Paul
Very well presented, easy to understand -Linda
Enlightening – eye opening. I didn’t know about a lot of this stuff. -John
Excellent presentation with practical information. -Phil and Debbie
Very informative and important! -Nancy
Very interesting. -Claude
Started me thinking. -Tony & Arela
Provided new strategies on how to use charity. -Paula
Excellent, clear presentation. -Thomas
I learned a lot. -Jean & Bernie
Very knowledgeable and thorough. -A. Roger
Clear, direct and helpful. -John
Very informative, nice logical progression. -Donald
Succinct and illustrative. -Joseph & Nancy
Very motivational – good presentation. -George
Interesting. -Ron
Good, well balanced presentation. -K. C.
Interesting presentation! -Dale
Well done – gets to the “heart of it” … with memorable examples (and quotes)! -Suzanne
Excellent presentation. -Ann
Excellent. -Donald
Very well presented. -Patricia
Very clear and precise presentation. -Donna
It was informative and may get me moving. -Charles
Very interesting, good 5 steps. Joe
Very well broken down. -William, Sr.
Good. -L. David, MD.
Food for thought, good presentation. Thank you. -T.
Enjoyed! -Charles
Excellent presentation. -Earl & Julie
Very good presentation. -Fred
Thought provoking presentation. -Carol
Very enthusiastic/very informed. #10. -Patricia
Challenging, inspirational. -Dave
Excellent, very eye opening, thought provoking. -Beth
Very informative, good speaker. -Ruth
A great job of explaining importance acting now! -Dave
The presentation covers a well rounded approach to life and legacy planning. -Bill
Very interesting. -Irene
Eye opening – who wouldn’t want to do this? -Larry
Motivated me enough to start the conservation. -Thomas
Very good. -Glenn
Very informative. -Joan
I will try to follow the five principles I have learned tonight. -Allen
Well done – easy to absorb. -Herbert
Excellent presentation – great clarity. -Joe
Very good, many older people see losing control. -Peggy
You created the above thought. -Bill
Excellent flow! -Bill
Very good. -John
Eye (mind) opening presentation – very good. -Larry
Very good presentation. -Jerry
Well constructed – good information, well presented. -Randy
Many good ideas; great presentation. -Karen
Very good. -Pat
Very helpful. -Edward R.
Good informative information. The information was helpful to get me thinking. -JoLaine
Very good. -Lorraine
Interesting – informative. -Mildred
Enlightening. -Carol Mary
Very informative! -Micki
Followed a step-by-step plan with clarity. -Susan
Interesting. -Vincent
New options. -D.C.
The presentation was clear and concise – it made sense of a complex issue. -Rick
Good visual effects, good learning experience. -Peter
Very informative. -George
Very informative. -Frank
Gave incentive to take action – get started now. -Carol
Exceptional depth and compelling case. -Robert
Very well presented. -Frances
Very much opened my eyes to options/actions to consider. -Mike
Very well presented. -Francis
I will take the info you provided and discuss it with my financial advisor. -Jody
Very informative. -Eric
Certainly makes you think that starting right now is very important. -Bea
Very interesting speaker. -Mary Ann
The presentation was excellent. Enjoyed immensely. -Colleen
Very knowledgeable. -Rosetta
Very informative – made me aware! Relaxed atmosphere. -Bill
Nice presentation. -Marie
Very well presented, informative, interesting. -Richard
Good presentation. -David
Excellent presentation. -Ron & Rose
Excellent. -D.M.
Very good. -Robert
Very informative and important. -Tom
Very enlightening, I would hope to take action to help my future. -Keith
Clear, understandable. -D.C.
Very interesting and informative. -Andrew
A good wakeup call!! -Paul
It was very interesting. -Carmella
Interesting and informative. -Kathy
Excellent – opened my eyes. -Jim
Very good. -Michael
Very informative. -Pauline
Very informative. -Tom
Informative. -Mary Ann
Informative. –Marie
Excellent! Gary and Linda
Good – very informative. -N.V.
Learned new options. -Dan
Well presented – good presentation. -Colleen
The presentation was great! -C. Arthur
Organized, concise, understandable. -Alex
Excellent presentation – simple and clear. -Rosalyn
You clarified my thinking about giving. -Nancy
Good presentation. -Gary and Linda
Very good. Claire
Presentation was very informative and well given. -Janelle
Informative. -Frank
Excellent. -Claire
Very good. -Harry
Very well done – enlightened me on things I didn’t know. -Shirley
Good speaker. -John
A much different approach than those I’ve heard of at other seminars. -Bob
The information was new and interesting to me. -Jan
Very enlightening. -Maureen
Very well done presentation. -Arthur
Very interesting – worthwhile time. -A.J.
Over came myths about charity and planning. -Cary
Very enlightening. -Paul
Very informative, excellent presentation. -Claire
Very informative. -Frank
Eye opener and very informative. -Robert
Enjoyed the presentation! -Marion
I found the presentation very enlightening. Options that I’ve never considered. J-ay
Down to earth and easy to follow, good examples. -Greg
We learned more – thanks. -Don and Dorothy
Very well spoken – clear – informative. -Chapri
Excellent. -Tom
As good as ever -Chuck
Excellent material – very broad. -Marshall
An eye opener. -Evelyn
Very informative. -Roland
Very good – perfunctory – specific. -David
A lot of food for thought. Very good and most informative! -Elaine
Very good – informative. -Alberta
Interesting and useful. -Teresa
Learned the cost of inaction. -Paul
Excellent strategies. -Sandy
I’ve learned many new things. -Veronica
Certainly opened new possibilities to consider. -Rich
Good info! -Ben
Eye opener. -Manfried
Interesting! -Carl
Motivating! -Bruce & Marilyn
Presentation was interesting and well done. -Nancy
Very interesting and enlightening. -Carolyn
Very professional, great deal of info covered. -Richard
Great presentation. -Susan
Thought provoking, inspiration to get a plan. -Marci
Very interesting and informative. -Kurt
Stimulating to the extent of getting me out of “procrastination” mode. -Al
I found it informative. -Eileen and Frank
Gave me the initiative to act on this. -Charles
Very good. -Mary and Walt
Made me think! -Fred
Down to earth, succint, sweet. Thought provoking – great advice! -Pete
Very good. -Lois
Excellent. -Clifford
Excellent presentation. -Charlotte
Excellent. -Katherine
Presentation was excellent. -Bob
It persuaded me. -Louis
Excellent information. -Wilbert
I thought it was excellent. -Linda
Informative. -Robert & Amy
Makes sense. -Doris
Well presented. -Markus
Very good lesson, got much wisdom. -George
Presented well. Joan
Very good. Informative! -Elizabeth
Excellent. -Audrey
It made me think about the future. -Jeff
Excellent. -Bill
Made sense. -Ruth
Lots of good plans. -Darren
Very informative. -Marjorie
It really makes a lot of sense. I’m glad I came. It has opened my eyes a lot. I got value. -Carmen
Excellent. -Marlene
Good examples. -Barry
Opened many minds, including mine. Excellent information. -Andrew
Excellent – even I could understand it. -Rose
Very informative and interesting. -Janice
Very good advice. -Dave
Well presented. -William
Interesting and helpful. -Arthur
A lot of valuable information, but too much in too short a time. -Ginny
Very good presentation. -Bill and Janice
Very informative. -Ruth
This presentation helped me! -Shirley
Great job! -Frank
Very informative. -Maggie
Enlightening – I didn’t know much about the taxes, income and charity. -Chuck and Dee
Excellent! -John
The presentation was well done. -Barbara
What if you do not have surplus income? -Patricia
Excellent – will have to digest the whole program. -Susan
Wonderful – a lot to think about. -Linda
Presentation was excellent, covered a lot in one meeting. -James
Excellent overview. -Cheryl
Excellent, well done – but still have questions. -Ray
Excellent – examples were very illustrative. -Judith
The presentation was great. -Pearline
Excellent presentation. -Phil and Debbie
Very good information and you are excellent. -Ingrid
Excellent. -Nancy Ann
Made it simple. -Charles
Too fast – I don’t understand the ripcord and some of the key components. -Kathy
It is very informative – never thought of the four wealth distribution. -Virginia
It was very simply put. -Larry
Very informative and educational. -Nancy Ellen
Pretty informative, interesting. -Joshua
I would like to see it in a video/DVD replay. -Louise
Very enlightening – it has caused me to look at procrastination as a real problem. -Michelle
Informative. -James
Promising and informative. -Janet

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