Business owners have this in common with you…

What percentage of your donors are business owners? As you know, they are wired very differently than your other donors. Therefore, your language and interaction needs (like every donor) to affirm that you understand them and their biggest challenges. Business Owner

You know the old saying, “They don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.” Understanding their world is one of the ways we show “how much we care.”

Any business owner that’s still in business has beaten formidable odds to stay in business. Here’s the scoop (depending on which study, the figures may vary a bit): Eighty percent (80%) fail in the first five years; 90 ninety percent (90%) by the end of ten years; and 17 out of 18 fail ultimately.

Wow. They’ve overcome huge challenges!

Congratulate them. Every day and every week is filled with huge obstacles to them staying in business. Ask them who and what were the keys to their success. Every business owner loves to tell their story. Simply ask… then… listen.

You’ll find that some of them will acknowledge the local community… a great chance for you to share your mission.

Giving back allows business owners to recognize the impact for the community… and play a role in helping community organizations to not just survive, but thrive… something that they are working hard at every day… just like you.

People want to deal with those that understand them… and are like them. You have a lot in common with business owners! Remind a few today.

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