PG Tip: more peace and joy…

The medical studies confirm what we know intuitively: Those who give have much more joy and peace.

It’s one thing you can’t buy with more money. PG Tip 38 peace and joy

However, it’s one thing you can have by giving back more: more money and time.

Your joy will skyrocket and your peace will increase when you give back more… and when you encourage others to give back more… and when you see the results.

Our Founder and CEO, Scott Keffer, and his daughter, Anni, went with a medical, dental, vision team to Africa. When they saw the smiles on the faces of the children in who received glasses for the first time, who was happier?

The children, who were able to see and read clearly for the first time in their lives?

Or them, for being a part of changing a life just by giving back?
Their joy and peace soared.

Remind your donors that their giving increases peace and joy: to all stakeholders!

Spread some peace and joy.

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