Roy Disney and Ted Turner used this…

How did Roy Disney sell $100 million in Disney stock and pay no up-front capital gains taxes on the sale?

How did Ted Turner sell around $20 million of AOL stock and not pay a dime in up-front capital gains taxes, receive a substantial income tax deduction, and an income for life?
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For over four decades, tens of thousands have benefited from substantial tax benefits for tax-advantaged charitable giving. There is over $100 Billion in charitable trusts that have and are continuing to provide tax benefits.

If members of Congress wanted to have more people invest in real estate, what do w
ould they do? Create incentives, right? Tax and financial benefits designed to encourage and reward the action.

Congress has created a number of tax laws that create tax benefits and advantages for those with real estate, stocks, and bonds who want to benefit themselves while they are living, and their favorite charities when they pass.

Many planned giving professionals – having heard this message often – make the critical assumption that every donor has heard it as well. And, worse, that every planned giving donor who already has made a planned gift, is not interested in making another.

Who are the five donors you can call today who: 1) already have a planned gift and could be reminded about the benefits; and 2) need to be reminded, because they’ve never taken action.

Tell ’em about Disney and Turner.

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