the Big Charity Myth…

Who did better at preserving their wealth: the American
industrialist – who became known as the father of modern
American shipbuilding, founding Kaiser Shipyard, which built
Liberty ships during World War II, then Kaiser Aluminum and
Kaiser Steel – or his son?

Henry J. Kaiser, Sr. accumulated around $5.6 Million in
wealth and lost 44 percent to taxes and costs.

His son, Henry J. Kaiser, Jr., grew that to almost $56
Million and only lost 2 percent to taxes and cos

There are considerable estate tax advantages for 
including charity in your planning.
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The BIG Charity Myth that I debunk all the time is,
“Charity will reduce my income and my family’s

Actually, charity (using planned giving) can increase
donors’ share and their children’s’ share.

Help themselves… and charity at the same time.
Now that’s a message worth sharing.

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