What are your prints on?

         Scott Keffer, the founder of The Donor Motivation Program, moved six different times growing up. As a result, specific neighborhoods don’t hold a huge place in his heart. Specific people do – friends, neighbors, classmates, but not neighborhoods.

         Scott’s wife, Beth, on the other hand, grew up in t
he same small Enable Picturestown area all her life. She, and her parents, watched it slowly fade.

         The two of them raised their two children these last thirty- plus years in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

         Now, Scott knows what people mean when they talk about the community they grew up in and how they want to give back. The answer to our community’s problems lies right here in our community. The federal government is not the answer… it can’t be.

         Remind your donors that THEY are a part of the solution when they give time and money to charities in our community. Donors AND charities are the answer to our community’s biggest problems.

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